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Address Escherweg 2
26121 Oldenburg
Room O25
Phone +49 441 9722-158

Daniel Lorenz

  • Master of Science
  • Senior Researcher

Research Interests

  • Designmethodik HW-/SW-Systeme


Publications & Talks



Daniel Lorenz, Kim Grüttner and Vincent Ortland. Trace-Based Power State Machine Modelling. In Proceedings of the Forum on specification and Design Languages (FDL'2014). 2014. DownloadAbstractBibTeX

Daniel Lorenz, Kim Grüttner and Wolfgang Nebel. Data- and State-Dependent Power Characterisation and Simulation of Black-Box RTL IP Components at System Level. In 17th Euromicro Conference on Digital Systems Design (DSD 2014). 2014. DownloadAbstractBibTeX


Matthias Sauppe, Thomas Horn, Erik Markert, Ulrich Heinkel, Daniel Lorenz, Kim Grüttner, Hans-Werner Sahm and Klaus-Holger Otto. A Database for the Integration of Power Data on System Level. July 2013.AbstractBibTeX


Daniel Lorenz, Kim Grüttner, Nicola Bombieri, Valerio Guarnieri and Sara Bocchio. From RTL IP to Functional System–Level Models with Extra–Functional Properties. In CODES+ISSS’12. Tampere, Finland, October 2012. DownloadAbstractBibTeX

Daniel Lorenz, Philipp A. Hartmann, Kim Grüttner and Wolfgang Nebel. Non–invasive Power Simulation at System–Level with SystemC. In International Workshop on Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation (PATMOS) 2012. September 2012. DownloadAbstractBibTeX

Daniel Lorenz, Philipp A. Hartmann, Kim Grüttner and Achim Rettberg. Nicht–invasive Simulation des Energieverbrauchs von Hardware–Komponenten auf Systemebene mit SystemC. In 15. Workshop Methoden und Beschreibungssprachen zur Modellierung und Verifikation von Schaltungen und Systemen. March 2012. DownloadAbstractBibTeX

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