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Privacy Policy

Your confidence is important to us. Therefore, we take data protection seriously and want to inform about the collected and stored data on these pages. Moreover, we provide information about your opportunity to request, correct, block and delete your personal data. Please read these terms carefully and also acknowledge our Terms of Use.

1. Automatically collected data

If you visit our website, some information like the type of browser and its version, the used operating system, the referrer URL, your IP address, the requested file name, the request status, the amount of data transferred, the date and time of the request are stored.

A mapping between this data and a particular person or source is not possible for us. This data is stored separately from other data, you may submit during the use of our services. After a statistical analysis, this automatically collected data is deleted.

2. Individual data

If you use our online evaluation of the synthesis tool Fossy, we kindly ask for additional information about you. This includes data, which may allow an identification of the users of this service. We collect and store this information in conformity with the german Federal Data Protection Law (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz – BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz – TMG).

3. Usage of "cookies"

To obtain information about the usage of our website, we use so -called “cookies”. These are small files, which are meant to make web-surfing more user-friendly. Storing cookies can be diasbled in your browser's preferences.

4. Agreement

You agree hereby, that OFFIS e.V. may process, store and evaluate, the data which it receives in connection with the use of this website and additional provided services according to this privacy policy. Your data is solely used for the aforementioned purposes.

5. Storage and Disclosure

Your personal data will not be forwarded or sold in any kind. The stored data is protected according to the state-of-the-art to prevent disclosure to unauthorised third-parties.

In case OFFIS e.V. is obligated legally or by judical decree, it will forward the data to parties entitled to receive information.

6. Right to Access, Correct, Block, Delete

You can request the access to your stored data and its origin at any time. Moreover, in compliance with the legal requirements you have the right to correct, block and delete your stored individual data.

Please send corresponding inquiries via the contact information, provided on this website.

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