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@InProceedings{ Grüttner_2006,

ABSTRACT = "In this paper we present OSSS-Channels, a concept for modelling and synthesis of communication in SystemC. The OSSS-Channel provides mechanisms for the connection of multiple master and slave modules assisted by an automatic generation of the interconnect network. Supported interconnection architectures are point to point, shared bus or crossbar switch. Besides the architecture the OSSS-Channel provides mechanisms for specifying communication protocols and user defined arbitration mechanisms. By the provision of an abstract high level method interface, channel implementations describing different communication architectures with different communication protocols can be stored in a library for easy reuse. Due to the usage of an object oriented extension of the SystemC synthesis subset called OSSS our channel enables the transfer of abstract data types. The modelling concept and synthesis semantics will be illustrated by simple examples. The applicability of our approach will be shown in the context of SystemC TLM and IP integration. Finally we will briefly outline our aspired synthesis design flow.",
AUTHOR = {Kim Gr{\"u}ttner and Cornelia Grabbe and Frank Oppenheimer and Wolfgang Nebel},
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TITLE = "Modelling and Synthesis of Communication Using OSSS-Channels",
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@InProceedings{ Schubert_FDL_2006,

ABSTRACT = "In this paper we address the problem of parsing SystemC designs. We present how a reflection-like technique—as an alternative to classical parsers—can be used to obtain a complete representation of a SystemC design. Such a representation can be the basis for further analysis, transformation or synthesis tasks. We illustrate this technique by means of an automatic SystemC to VHDL translation. Furthermore, we compare our approach to classical parsers. ",
AUTHOR = "Thorsten Schubert and Wolfgang Nebel",
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