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@InProceedings{ Schallenberg:2004:DFSO,

Author = "Andreas Schallenberg and Frank Oppenheimer and Wolfgang Nebel",
Title = "Designing for dynamic partially reconfigurable FPGAs with SystemC and OSSS.",
Year = "2004",
Month = "01",
Note = "This paper presents a new approach to design embedded systems based on dynamic partial reconfigurable FPGAs. The approach is intended to allow designing of systems with runtime reconfiguration without explicit specification by the designer. The design entry point is the HDL OSSS, a SystemC extension allowing for synthesizable object orientation and polymorphism.",
Booktitle = "Procedings of: Forum on Specification and Design Languages 2004",
Organization = "ECSI",
Keywords = "dynamische Reconfiguration, FPGA, Objektorientierung., SystemC",
Project = "none"


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